A person, who are able to shine your way..

Sorry for the not updating for quite sometimes.


Many things had happened in my life, and I don’t want my swamp of feeling overwhelming my writings. So that I won’t actually write things I shudnt be writing..

Life in Malaysia, after been in UK for long, getting used to life and system there, both working and dakwah system, had hit me in a way I never imagine.


And the challenge that initially I thought would be from my family is actually came from those who I was not expected to be.


As one of the sister has said to me:


‘There is no such thing as perfect life. But what is perfect, is the action towards the imperfect of the life.’


I was mesmerized by the answer. That sister of mine, whom I know as long as I was in UK, had thought me such wisdom.

Previously, we were having our coffee catch up with our most respected murabbi, whom we known as Dr D. She was one of the astonishing and amazing person I have met in my life. She had done many great things that most of us cannot imagine to achieve.


She has achieved what all of us perceived as : ‘ The perfection of life: both in dakwah and dunya’.


And I have asked this question for so many thing, over and over again:

‘ kak, camne akak boleh jadi hebat eh? boleh balance semua benda. jadi specialist, dengan anak2, dengan dakwah. If I were you, I would become crazy. I just can’t cope!’


She might not be as popular as Dr Har, but she has tremendously raised 6 children, and handles at least 3 halaqah a week! Not including meetings, programs, etc. Not including medical talk, medical teaching, and many other things! And yes, she still able to attend, one of my very important occasion of my life, although she is not my naqibah!!

And I was looking at her everytime I got the chance to, and I almost wanted to say to her:

‘ Akak, I wish I can be as adorable and as amazing as you are….I wish.. ( tapi akak, u hebat sangat, mampukah?)’

But then she would humbly says:

‘ Kalau antum tahu apa yang berlaku dalam hidup akak, tentu antum tak nak lalui hidup macam akak. Akak selalu kasihan tengok anak-anak akak. Sedang membesar, nakal, tapi selalu tak sempat akak nak beri perhatian..’


But everyone knows, among all the children of akhawat, her children would be the most obedience and most quiet children in any programs. Amazingly discipline.


And Dr D is not a kind of person that you would see in a public so often, giving talks, or even write inspirational quotes.  She is normally prefer to be at the back stages. Prefer to train and organise other people to do things. She would rather not telling people what she is doing. She just do what she needs to do. ANd as far as I remember, I only learnt from what she does, not from what she says.

She opens her facebook very seldom, but managed to catch up with us through wassap. Everytime I met her,  my heart will melt with her purity of heart, and I can just easily open my heart to talk to her. And yes, she remembers people’s name without even met the person!


Arrghhhhhhhhhhh!! How on earth this kind of person can exist in this world???


And alhamdulillah, I am lucky to met and get to know her..From her, I learn about the purity of niat, I learn to hold only to one thing: Allah. From her, I gained back some of the strength which eventually despair through a course of time.


From her, I get back the flame of spirit that often cool down during the rain of trials and tribulations. And often my heart just been broken but somehow, meeting her, give me a light of hope. She was showing a very important example for all of us:


It is not impossible to be successful in every angle of life. Family, dakwah and career. Good money and good family that drives the dakwah to the fullest, and that is not impossible at all! She had made it.

She just do it.

Do it without afraid of failing anything. And I know what is her innermost strength: Allah. Reliance on His strength.


And indeed Allah has given her such strength.


She inspire a lot of us. And she is among those person that you wouldn’t know unless somebody share this thing with you. Many of the amazing person in dakwah actually making a lot of changes to this world, but not many people has the chance to write about them and inspires other people through them. But there is a lot.


Oklah, itu je dapat share hari ini. Lama tak tulis dalam english. And somehow, english can describe the feelings better than malay.


SAmbung lagi. Banyak nak cerita. Doakan saya emosi stabil untuk terus menulis dan share.



ukhtikum fillah






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